About LLYC


Who We Are

Laity Lodge Youth Camp is a coed, interdenominational Christian youth camp focusing on spontaneity, fun, and relationships to show kids the best two weeks of their lives, while sharing with them the Gospel message and love of Jesus Christ. LLYC is dedicated to providing campers with healthy fun in an emotionally safe learning environment.

What We Teach
Every night we have what is called "Roundup." All of camp gathers to sing, laugh, participate, worship, and hear a biblically centered talk from one of our leadership staff. After Roundup, campers return to their cabins to discuss the talk with their counselors. We call this "Cabin Time." This time is an opportunity for people to share and be vulnerable with one another, talk about life, struggles, concerns, confusions, etc. Every session follows a progression of topics. From night to night, they build on one another, and differ a bit depending on the age group (Singing Hills vs. Echo Valley).

Each camp is staffed with a full-time, on-site registered nurse and a health-care assistant. There is also a volunteer licensed medical doctor on-call to both LLYC campsites 24 hours a day. The doctor makes scheduled visits in both clinics several times daily. Additionally, both Echo Valley and Singing Hills will be staffed each week with rotating registered nurses. We make every effort to practice the highest standard of health and safety for your child while at Laity Lodge Youth Camp. As a part of the registration process, campers submit medical information and a current physical for our clinic to have on file.

How does food factor into showing kids the best one or two weeks of their lives? Well, quite a lot, actually! With allergy awareness and food sensitivities on the rise, parent communication remains crucial to meal planning, and our kitchen staff is ready to work with you.

After Camp

We also spend time remembering important takeaways from our time together and we talk about the “spiritual high” that campers might be experiencing.  We clarify that campers don’t need camp to feel this way – that true fulfillment comes simply from living life the way Christ calls us to live. We give encouragement for the transition back home and we talk about practical things campers can do to stay true to the commitments they may have made while they were here.

We hope that providing you with a little more detail in what is being discussed, talked about, and taught might give you opportunities to build on this foundation with your campers this coming year. It may even give you ideas on what questions to ask, concepts to discuss, and truths to explore more deeply.

At LLYC, we care deeply about your children’s lives both at camp and when they return home. If your child or your family are looking for a church community or Christian organization in your area to get involved in, we want to help. LLYC has connections and alumni all over Texas and beyond. Please contact us at llycinfo@llyc.org, and we would love to assist you in finding the right church or organization for you.