December 4, 2017

The Struggle to Wait – Karla Heath, LLYC EV Director

The idea of waiting has been a constant struggle throughout my journey of faith.  Bible pages are covered with this word—as a command, as a virtue, as a source of pain, all over the story of Israel and the church, all over God’s rhythm and relationship with his people. All over my life. What does it mean to wait on God? Does it mean sitting around and doing nothing until he shows up? Does it […]
April 24, 2017

How Can We Best Prepare for Camp? – Karla Heath, LLYC EV Director

Every year I take a trip the week before I move out to camp for the summer. The past three years I have gone to Colorado and secluded myself in a mountain cabin to sleep, relax, enjoy nature and quiet, and to pray. This year, I am going to Israel.   Those two are not even close to being the same. This opportunity came out of nowhere—my brother called me one day during lunch asking […]