Chandler Pruitt—Senior Director (LLYC)

Yup, he’s still here. Really?!? Chandler will serve as LLYC Senior Director this summer,  his 29th in the Canyon. He will be working closely with Beck as Beck starts his first summer as Singing Hills director and also supporting Cary and Karla at Echo Valley. It’s going to be a great summer with such an amazing staff!!

Behind every great man is a great woman, and Chandler is no exception. His wife, Margo, serves as the LLYC Healthcare Coordinator. She also works part-time in the off season as a registered nurse at Peterson Ambulatory Surgical Center in Kerrville.

Chandler and Margo have three over-the-top childred. Marshall just graduated from Texas A&M University with an Education degree (big Aggie WHOOP!!) and is heading to Austin to work this fall. Marshall will serve Singing Hills this summer as the Roundup Coordinator/Transportation Director. Maggie just completed her freshman year at Texas A&M University as a Journalism major. This summer, Maggie will serve first half at Singing Hills as a counselor and second half on the media team. Mollie is a proud Tivy High School graduate this May and will head to Texas A&M University this fall as a business major. This summer, she looks forward to her first summer as a counselor at Singing Hills!

God is good. He has changed many lives through the Pruitts. They are looking forward with great excitement and anticipation to another crazy summer.