Echo Valley

Grades 6 - 10

Echo Valley is relaxed adventure, Texas river style, for campers who have finished sixth through tenth grades. Our activities are uniquely wild and exiting - epic dance parties, intense group games, thrilling high adventure elements (rock climb, cliff rappel, giant swing, etc.). But you also have tons of down time to hang out with your friends at the waterfront, by the Ranch House, or just about anywhere. Guys go deep with MOG. Girls discover what it means to be Rooted. All of us grow closer to God and to each other. At Echo Valley you’ll find the freedom and excitement of camp in the wild Texas hill-country, right alongside joy, peace, and reflection about life, faith and God.

At Echo Valley, campers can expect to try new things—everything from rappelling steep limestone bluffs to swimming in natural spring-fed waters to country dancing. They might ride in the back of a pick-up on dirt roads in an unbelievably beautiful part of Texas. They will see more stars than they have maybe ever seen. Most of all, they can expect to learn about God and discover ways to grow in their faith.

Echo Valley hosts around 200 campers each session with nine girls’ cabins and seven guys’ cabins. The counselors are at the core of the camp experience (with an average of four in each cabin) as they lead their campers through all aspects of camp. We work hard to hire the right people. To have a fun camp, we hire fun people. To help campers deepen their faith, we hire folks deeply committed in their own faith and who have an understanding of ministry. To help campers grow and thrive, we find folks with the personal and spiritual maturity to be role models to our campers.

Echo Valley is located on an enormous bend in the Frio River about a mile and a half downstream from Singing Hills, and, yes, you have to drive in the river to get there. All we need is located right on our peninsula—ropes courses, guys’ and girls’ cabins, athletic fields, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, zip lines, dining hall, Sugar Shack (camp store), a rodeo arena, and, of course, the clean, cool Frio River to play in.


A Day in the Life of Camper

No two days are exactly the same. We strive to be unpredictable and spontaneous, but the schedule below gives you our starting point.

9:00 – Breakfast

That’s right. We don’t get up early at LLYC.

9:45 – Mog and Rooted

Boy and girls split for morning devotional and quiet time. The Guys’ time is called MOG (Men of God) & the Girls’ time is called Rooted (coming from Ephesians 3:17-19).

10:30 – Cabin Clean Up

Often referred to as “chores” by campers, daily small tasks take place to keep the cabin sanitary such as sweeping, cleaning sinks, organizing shoes on the porch, etc.

11:00 – First Activity

Campers sign up for two activities per week at the beginning of each week.

11:50 – Sugar Shack

Campers have free time to enjoy snacks at our camp store.

12:10 – Second Activity

1:00 – Lunch

2:00 – Rest Time

This is a time for campers to sleep, read, or write letters in their cabins.

3:00 – Group Games

Camp comes together for fun and sometimes unusual games (e.g., Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, the Echo Challenge).

4:00 – Frio Fiesta

Time for all of camp to be down by the waterfront, either swimming or just hanging out.

5:15 – Cabin Activity or Free Time

Cabin counselors plan a fun activity for the entire cabin (e.g., going to backside in a truck, swimming at one the many swimming holes in the Canyon, hiking, etc.).

6:30 Dinner

8:00 – Roundup

Camp gathers together in the Pavilion for songs, skits, games, going crazy, and a chance to listen to a biblically centered message presented by a one of our leadership staff.

9:30 – Sugar Shack

Campers have free time to enjoy snacks at our camp store, the Sugar Shack.

10:00 – Cabin Time

Campers head to their cabins to discuss the talk given during Roundup.

10:45 – Late-Night Activity

After cabin time, camp normally has some sort of late-night event (could be a dance, night-time group game, cabin activity, carnival…just about anything you can imagine!)