Echo Valley

Echoooooo Valleeeeyyyyyy! Echo Valley is located on an enormous bend in the Frio River about a mile and a half downstream from Singing Hills, and, yes, you have to drive in the river to get there. All we need is located right on our peninsula—ropes courses, guys’ and girls’ cabins, athletic fields, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, zip lines, dining hall, Sugar Shack (camp store), a rodeo arena, and, of course, the clean, cool Frio River to play in. Echo Valley is designed specifically for campers who have finished sixth through tenth grades. As the “older camp,” we talk openly about things that middle school and high school students are dealing with. We feel very deeply about our responsibility to give our campers the best time possible. We focus on creating an environment where our campers can be accepted for who they are, just the way God made them.

Our quality staff members are the heart and soul of camp. Echo Valley hosts around 200 campers each session with nine girls’ cabins and seven guys’ cabins. The counselors are at the core of the camp experience (with an average of four in each cabin) as they lead their campers through all aspects of camp. We work hard to hire the right people. To have a fun camp, we hire fun people. To help campers deepen their faith, we hire folks deeply committed in their own faith and who have an understanding of ministry. To help campers grow and thrive, we find folks with the personal and spiritual maturity to be role models to our campers. Obviously, we have very high expectations. Consequently, the camp directors spend all year building relationships with college students so that when it comes time to hire staff, we can find just who we are looking for.

A camper at Echo Valley can expect many things when they come to camp. They can expect to become friends with (and mentored by) awesome Christian college students. They can expect to connect with friends their own age—which we have often seen develop into life-long friendships. They can expect to have fun—200 dynamic and creative college students help ensure that! They can expect to have unique opportunities to try new things—everything from rappelling steep limestone bluffs to shooting guns, from swimming in natural spring-fed waters to country dancing. They can expect to ride in the back of a pick-up on dirt roads in an unbelievably beautiful part of Texas. They can expect to see more stars than they have maybe ever seen. Most of all, they can expect to see a clear picture of Jesus and be shown many ways they can grow in their own faith.

Browse our website to learn more about Echo Valley. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call one of the Echo Valley directors personally. The directors are Cary Hendricks (830-792-1209) and Karla Heath (830-792-1219). They would love to hear from you. And, of course, we would love to have you join us this summer.