Echo Valley Camp Activities

Camp Life (previously Camp Activities)
So what does a camper do all day? Here at Laity Lodge Youth Camp, we offer an array of exciting activities and events that are fun for all ages. Every day is a little different. But you can be sure that with 150 creative college staff, 300 fired-up campers, and a beautiful corner of God’s creation to play in, that every day will be loads of fun. Below are some of the fun things you might see during a day of camp.

Morning Activities
Two structured activity periods, led by counselors, are scheduled every morning. On the opening day of camp, campers get to choose the activities they want to participate in. They stay in these morning activities the first week, and then get to choose two more for the second week. In addition to campers getting the opportunity to try new, fun, and challenging things, morning activities are also a great way to get to know counselors and campers from other cabins.  A sample of the morning activities offered at camp might include: Alpine Tower, rappelling, kayaking, snorkeling, mountain biking, field sports, shooting sports, zip line, water slides, rock climbing, and arts and crafts.

Cabin Activities
The cabins are the campers’ “home” groups. They get very close to their counselors and cabinmates. Often during the camp session, campers will participate in activities with their own cabin led by their own counselors. These are times of cabin bonding and fun.

Guys-Only and Girls-Only Activities
Camp is certainly not without much needed guy-time and girl-time. Every morning right after breakfast, the guys and girls gather separately for games, a devotional from staff, and a chance to grab some time alone with God. We also split for longer periods of time, and sometimes whole nights. At Singing Hills, the guys and girls switch off camping out and “overtaking” camp. At Echo Valley, the guys and girls will split and do guy things—like sword-fighting and cooking meat over fire, maybe, and the girls might sunbathe and paint their nails.

Unusual Activities
A camp favorite is always “unusual activities.” During this time, groups of counselors come up with their own wild and off-the-wall activity ideas that campers can sign up for. These are different every session and limited only by the creativity of the counselors, which might be one of the most creative groups in our society. One of the unusual activities we have seen before was the time our counselors gave art lessons in the back of a pick-up on a rocky road. And then there was the exciting leprechaun hunt, in which a leprechaun was lured out of the woods with Irish songs and a bowl of Lucky Charms and captured by a group of campers. We have seen a little bit of everything during unusual activities.

All-Camp Activities
Have you ever slid on a slip-’n-slide covered with dog food and ranch-style beans? Well, you might get the chance at Laity Lodge Youth Camp. Over the course of a session, campers participate in many different activities with the entire camp. This could be anything from food fights, jello fights, shaving cream fights, or water balloon fights to any number of other fights. Then there are group games, in which the four camper groups compete in all sorts of fast and furious competitions. And swimming! With a variety of great swimming holes to choose from, we swim a lot at camp in that cool Frio River.

Free Time
We make sure and work a healthy amount of free time into every day as well. This is a time for campers to talk with a counselor, pitch washers, enjoy a snack at the Sugar Shack, throw the football, play Ultimate Frisbee, hang with friends, or whatever. Free time is a great time to deepen friendships and have fun in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

All-Camp Events
We put on some crazy events over the course of a session. We have parties, we have dances, we play night games. We have had medieval banquets of the first order, we have hosted a white Christmas, and we have hosted Cajun crawfish boils. And, true to our Texas roots, every session we host our own good ‘ole country rodeo, complete with a toe-tapping, two-stepping country dance under the stars.

The focal point of every day is Roundup. This is a high-energy time for all of camp to come together after dinner for a nightly gathering. Campers dance, sing, yell, jump, clap, watch, listen and think. There are skits, songs, videos, games, and competitions. There is a time of worship and a talk from one of our staff about deepening the Christian faith. Roundup is loud, funny, powerful, thought-provoking, tender, and crazy all at the same time. Campers love Roundup, and this is one of the treasured times in every day.