Echo Valley Camper Quotes

LLYC is just about the greatest place on Earth, its not just a camp, it is literally the best two weeks of your life; it has changed me so much as a person and has brought me so much closer to God every year. LLYC is so awesome, its tough to put into words, but to simplify it down to one word, it would have to be paradise.Anna, 3rd Session, Echo Valley

LLYC is where my relationship with God first began and where it continues to grow the most.Emily, 1st Session, Echo Valley

LLYC has always been a place for me to learn about Christ and this past year I really opened up more and was able to take what I’ve learned and teach others.Joseph, 4th Session, Echo Valley

Honestly, I don’t think I would be near the same person I am today without camp. It has taught me so much, you have no idea. All my friends and experiences from camp are held close to my heart and I will never forget them no matter what. Everyone at camp is so accepting and open. If I could, I would spend everyday at camp. LLYC= the most stellar thing that has ever happened. Ever.Lana, 2nd & 3rd Sessions, Echo Valley

Whenever I pull into the Canyon all I can think is “welcome home.”Kiri, 3rd & 4th Sessions, Echo Valley

LLYC is the huge, energetic family I wished I always had.Kara, 4th Session, Echo Valley

LLYC is amazing and every year it gets better and better!Brianna, 2nd Session, Echo Valley

LLYC is a sweet escape where kids can go to for 2 weeks out of their summer to learn more about God and be surrounded by people who love indefinitely.Joy, 3rd Session, Echo Valley

Camp is heaven on earth!Jordan, 2nd Session, Echo Valley

It has taught me how to live my life through the eyes of the Lord!Briley, Jam Session, Echo Valley

Camp is a place that makes me, me. It strengthens my relationship with Christ to a whole new level. Laity lodge is truly the best two weeks of your life.Anne-Marie, 2nd Session, Echo Valley

This is what camp means to me: LLYC is the best two weeks of your life with fun and friends! Colleen & Kemper, 2nd Session, Echo Valley

There’s no place like home…except LLYC.Cole, 2nd Session, Echo Valley

LLYC means the world to me; the friends and the love that goes around the whole LLYC area just makes me love everyone else even more! Tanya, 4th Session, Echo Valley

In the canyon you literally find the hands, mouths, and works of God; you find the body of Christ, and you yourself become a part of the Body of Christ through the love abundant in that place.Stephen, 1st and 2nd Sessions, Echo Valley

“LLYC is my safe haven – there is no place like it in the world!”Elizabeth, 3rd Session, Echo Valley