Emily McRae—Registrar

McRae familyEmily LOVES our LLYC parents and campers. She orchestrates the registration process, gets to bless campers with the news of scholarships, fills camp with as many campers as possible, and gets to fill the Sugar Shack with all its FUN stuff. Since joining the Youth Camp team, she has found great joy in parent contact and building those relationships throughout the year. Emily, her husband, Chastan, and their twin boys, Paxton and Brody, live in Kerrville and enjoy everything “boy.” Most evenings and weekends, they can be found sword fighting in the living room . . . or the grocery store . . . or anywhere the boys have free reign. They had their first year of organized sports—soccer, karate, and baseball, and they are hooked! They are going to give basketball a shot this summer.

Emily, her mom, and two sisters have just started a new endeavor . . . a children’s clothing boutique in downtown Kerrville, LulaBelle’s Pirates & Pretties. The girls are loving the extra time to get to be together, not to mention shop for the store (and their combined eight kiddos).

Emily graduated from Tivy High School and Schreiner Univeristy with a B.A. in Psychology. She has a deep desire for relationships, and she loves to nurture those. She understands parents’ needs and wants to serve them as well as possible. Emily loves our campers and their parents well. Her joy and love for life are contagious.