We are looking for summer staff that love Christ, love kids, and love life.

For us, this is broken down into three areas:  Character, Competence, and Chemistry.

Character deals with our personal relationship and journey with Christ.  Are prospective staff committed Christ-followers, or do they simply talk the talk?  Is there evidence of honesty, teachability, humility, passion, and compassion for the things of God?  Are they real?  Is their faith genuine?  This area is crucial for our team!

Competence deals with our ability to perform the job tasks.  Do prospective staff have what it takes to work with kids in our environment 24 hours a day for nine weeks?  We expect each candidate not to just be able to do the job but to do it well.  There are physical demands on each staff person.  There are some necessary physical endurance and mobility issues for our camping environment.

Chemistry deals with the relational fit to Laity Lodge Youth Camp.  Is the applicant’s vision and ministry philosophy consistent with ours?  Will their temperament and personality blend well with other staff and campers?  Will we have to spend our time making this fit work, or will they naturally blend in to the greater team?

What Can Be Expected at a Laity Lodge Youth Camp?

If you’re considering applying to join our team this summer, we want you to know up-front some of the policies we require our staff to uphold.

Before accepting a position as a staff member at LLYC, you should know and understand that:

  • Role modeling Christian behavior on and off the job is expected.
  • Your time will not be your own. It belongs to the children and youth in your care and to whatever it takes to meet your assigned responsibilities.
  • Your job will require someone with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and who is healthy enough to handle much activity outdoors during hot summer days.
  • Working with young people is a very rewarding experience. However, it brings with it unexpected surprises. You must be flexible and able to control your emotions as you search for logical and reasonable solutions to the problems you may encounter along the way. The campers’ well-being should always be the major concern in any situation that arises.

A Few Policies

The following are policies that we have learned from experience and are the best ways to serve our campers and their families. You may not personally agree with every one, but if you spend a summer with us, we will expect you to abide by all of them.

Illegal Substances: Laity Lodge Youth Camp will not tolerate the possession or use of illegal substances at any time. Violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal.

Tobacco: There is no use of tobacco during your employment for Laity Lodge Youth Camp. No matter what form, whether you dip, chew, or smoke—if you use tobacco, we ask that you break the habit for the summer. Because you are a role model, this effort, we believe, is a sacrifice and commitment that will send a very powerful message to the campers.

Alcohol: We also do not tolerate the consumption of any alcoholic beverage during your employment with camp. Kids see enough role models around them using alcohol, often to excess. We want camp to be a place where kids see people who don’t use alcohol and who are incredibly fun. That’s a powerful message. We believe that this commitment for the summer takes care of any and all misguided interpretations and situations that can occur. We strive to have an entire staff so committed to Christ and to kids that they’re willing to give up anything, including alcohol, for the summer.