One Camp: Multiple Places to Serve

At LLYC, we divide our summer camp program into two age-group camps. We do this so we can gear our program and the message of Christ to the appropriate developmental stage of each camper. We strive to honor God by placing people where we feel their gifts and talents will be used most effectively. Please pray for us and with us as we make every effort to fill our staffing needs. There is no guarantee of which camp you will be placed if hired. However, if you have any preference, please indicate so with the reason on the application.

Singing Hills (grades 2 – 5)

Specifically designed for grades 2-5, Singing Hills combines a constant, creative program in a Christ-centered environment. Campers discover maximum fun and electrifying adventure through activities, group games, and special events. One of the great things about being a Singing Hills counselor is that they are loved because they are there. Campers of this age look up to and emulate everything they see in their counselor. Campers are placed in cabins according to grade so that each child is surrounded by peers with similar maturity levels and counselors who are acutely aware of the needs of young campers. All this takes place in a structured, noncompetitive atmosphere, which encourages each child’s creative and industrious nature, while enhancing their self-esteem and image of God and Christ.

Echo Valley (grades 6 – 10)

Maintaining an important balance between spontaneity and structured programming, Echo Valley is “controlled chaos.” We live on the cutting edge, a place where young people, grades 6-10, can enter into a Christ-centered environment where faith is alive and relationships are genuine. Challenging activities and creative events produce pure fun and extreme excitement. There’s a method to the madness, as counselors develop a sense of trust while presenting the Gospel message of Christ in a nonthreatening manner. Teenagers are free to “talk about it” as they engage in lively, facilitated discussions with others in the same boat. They share their deepest questions, dreams, and anxieties as they tap into the wisdom of their peers and counselors. Campers often say, “This is the one place where I can truly open up and be myself.”

Laity Lodge Family Camp

Laity Lodge Family Camp is an interdenominational Christian family camp designed to
strengthen relationships within the family system by providing a relaxed, fun-filled opportunity for families to be together in an atmosphere dedicated to Christ.
You can learn more about Laity Lodge Family camp by going to