Laity Fellowship Program

Application Process
Employment Application

We are glad you are interested in the Laity Fellowship Program.  We wanted to offer you a brief overview of this unique and rewarding opportunity.

The Laity Fellowship Program is a one-year internship that serves either Laity Lodge Youth Camp (LLYC) or Laity Lodge Family Camp (LLFC).   If you join our team, you will gain hands-on experience about what it is like to work for a nonprofit and Christian ministry.  You will gain diverse experience and an inside look at what it takes to run a camp.  You will be deeply involved in recruiting and leading staff, building relationships with the guests we serve, and designing and delivering the camping programs we offer.    And, you will get to be directly involved in the lives of those we serve.     

The Laity Fellowship Program is about much more than simply you serving our organization, though.  The Fellowship Program is also a leadership development program that has been designed specifically for your own personal growth.  So, in addition to the significant things you will get to do for camp, our goal is to equip you for a future life of service and leadership.  The focus of this aspect of the Fellowship Program is on developing the whole person: educationally, spiritually, and professionally.  Or, as we call it, Knowing, Being, and Doing. 

The “Knowing” component deepens your understanding of a variety of topics, including Biblical study, youth and family culture, and philosophy of ministry.  Our goal with this component is that you will grow to be a stronger minister of the Gospel.  The “Being” component focuses on the development of your life with God through participation in group and individual devotional study time.  Additionally, you will be paired with a mentor with whom you can process the things God is doing in your life.   The “Doing” component focuses on Christian servant leadership and your professional development.  As part of this component, we will help you learn more about the way God has made you and walk with you as you seek to discern where God might take you next.    

The Fellowship Program is a 12-month commitment with the Foundations for Laity Renewal (FLR), which is the parent organization of LLYC and LLFC.  It is designed for recent college graduates.  The experience begins in late August 2014 and runs through August 2015.  Most participants in the Fellowship program have chosen to join the LLYC or LLFC Leadership Team during the summer prior to beginning the program.  The position is a salaried position with full benefits. 

The core purpose of the FLR is “To serve God by creating opportunities for people to encounter God for the transformation of daily life, work, and our world.”  If joining with us to carry out this mission sounds appealing, we would love to walk with you through the application process.  If you have any further questions, I invite you to give me a call at 830-792-1221.  Also, any of our full-time camp directors  would be glad to speak with you, as well.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Trey Tull, for the team

Director of Camping Program Services
phone: 830-792-1221
address: 719 Earl Garrett Dr., Kerrville, TX 78028