January 29, 2017

Following God Like Shadow the Dog

2017?!? Really? It’s this time every year that I find myself in disbelief that another year has flown by. Time is fleeting, for sure. I am very aware that no minute or hour or week is shorter or longer than others, but, looking back, it sure seems like there are chunks of time that have been sucked into a black hole somewhere. Personally, 2016 was a tough one. I agonized as I watched a close […]
April 22, 2014

From Delicious Food and Spontaneous Themed-Dinners to Allergy Safety

How does food factor into showing kids the best one or two weeks of their lives?  Well, quite a lot, actually! At LLYC, we hold food service to the same standard as all other aspects of camp … excellence with a high calling. According to Chandler Pruitt, who we all know has been here a REALLY long time, food is integral to the ministry and program of camp. Its quality reflects the broader program as […]