Is it the sound of the gravel road crunching beneath your tires? Or the sound of splashing water when you drive through the river? When you spot that first wooden sign, pointing the way to camp? Maybe it’s belting out your first camp song at Roundup? Or when you step out of your vehicle and breathe in the fragrance of the cedars? Is it sinking your teeth into that first bit of Corpus Christi cake? Hugging your friends from last year or meeting this year’s counselors? ...or that first moment you get really still, away from your phone, and sense God’s nearness?

All the familiar sights and sounds are waiting for you. Are you dreaming of them yet? If you are new, this special place is eager to meet you. Can you imagine just how warm the welcome will be?


So what does a camper do all day? Here at Laity Lodge Youth Camp, we offer an array of exciting activities and events that are fun for all ages. Every day is a little different. But you can be sure that with our creative college staff, fired-up campers, and this beautiful corner of God’s creation to play in, every day will be loads of fun. Below are some of the fun things you might see during a day of camp.

9:00 Flag Raising & Breakfast

10:15 Singing Hills Morning Time/Echo Valley MOG and Rooted

11:00 First Activity

11:50 Sugar Shack

12:00 Second Activity

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Rest Time

3:00 Cabin Activities/Group Games/Free Swim/Free Time

6:30 Dinner

8:00 Roundup

9:45 Cabin Time/Sugar Shack/Night Activities

Opening Day

On Opening Day, the check-in area is where your camper will find out their cabin assignment, turn in last-minute paperwork, see staff bios and get some other fun and random information. LLYC clinic staff will also conduct a brief health-care screening and receive prescription medications. Each camp will have their own check-in table, so if you have campers in both Singing Hills and Echo Valley, you will need to check-in at each camp on Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Closing Day

Check-out begins at 8:00 a.m. and should conclude by 11:00 a.m. Families are invited to a continental breakfast on each closing Saturday. Along with breakfast, you will have the opportunity to talk with your child’s counselors and visit our camp store.

Camp Health

Each camp is staffed with a full-time, on-site registered nurse and a health-care assistant. There is also a volunteer licensed medical doctor on-call to both LLYC campsites 24 hours a day. The doctor makes scheduled visits in both clinics several times daily. Echo Valley and Singing Hills will be staffed each week with rotating registered nurses. We make every effort to practice the highest standard of health and safety for your child while at Laity Lodge Youth Camp. Campers submit medical information a current physical for our clinic to have on file.


If your camper will be taking medication, bring your camper medication card to Opening Day (a form is included in this packet). Store prescription medications in original pharmacy-labeled containers.

Screening for Lice

We screen campers for head lice when they arrive. Lice are more common than you may think, and they affect everyone. We have witnessed an ever-increasing number of lice cases, to the point that we are no longer able to treat cases ourselves. As a result, LLYC is contracting Lousted!, a specialty lice treatment company, to handle our lice screening and treatment. If your child is found to have lice or nits, Lousted! will treat them at a cost of $250 on-site. They fully guarantee their treatment. Should you choose not to have your child treated on-site, we will require you to remove your child from camp to receive treatment. Your camper can then return to camp the following day, be rechecked and admitted to camp. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you or your family, but we trust you understand the seriousness of this issue and its effect on the LLYC community.



Cabin assignments are made the day before camp begins, and all assignments are made based on grade. We do our very best to honor reciprocal roommate requests for campers in the same grade … one request per camper, please. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your request, but we will sure try. Bunks are randomly pre-assigned by counselors prior to your camper’s arrival (there is no need to arrive early to get a bunk for your camper). If your camper has a special need that requires a certain bunk, please contact us so we can make arrangements prior to your arrival.


Echo Valley offers an on-site general store, Sugar Shack, where campers are given the opportunity to purchase candy, snacks, clothing and other merchandise. Sugar Shack purchases are not included in the registration fee, but campers often average $2-$4 per day on snacks and drinks. Sugar Shack Bucks can be purchased and kept on file for purchases during your camper’s session. Unlike Echo Valley, Singing Hills does not offer for-purchase snacks and drinks. Campers will receive these in monitored, modest amounts as part of the daily camp program. The Sugar Shack price is included in the registration fee at Singing Hills. Note: Singing Hills' Sugar Shack also offers clothing and other merchandise on Opening and Closing Days for parents.


The Inside View is an online portal that allows LLYC families to have a peek at what their camper is experiencing while they are at camp. Log on at We upload photos to this secure site daily. Families can also send their campers a care package or email them a sweet message (we'll deliver the message like regular mail).


We do not encourage phone calls to your camper or allow visits, because we have found that this disrupts the camp and camper experience. Mobile phones do not work at camp, so we encourage you to contact your camper through letters, care packages and emails through The Inside View.


For reasons of sanitation, public health, liability, allergies, environmental impact and safety of all campers, we ask that you not bring your pets to camp on Opening and Closing days. Thank you for honoring this policy.


LLYC is not responsible for missing items; however, items found at the close of each camp session are brought to the Kerrville office to return, if identifiable. All returns will be made as soon as possible and mailed to the home address via U.S. First-Class Mail. All postage will be prepaid. We ask that postage be reimbursed for return of Lost and Found items. Unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity after two weeks.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the Kerrville office during the week at 830-315-9220. Emily McRae or Gena Edwards are happy to assist you. To contact us on Opening Day or during the weekend, please call the Sugar Shack at 830-232-3627. We want Laity Lodge Youth Camp to be the best possible experience for you and your children. Please let us know what we can do to ensure this.

If you have a family emergency, call 830-232-4327. Wait for tone, then dial 01230. This will forward your call to the hand-held radio monitored 24 hours a day by the Camp Guest Services Manager. Our full-time camp staff take these calls very seriously, so please do not use this line except for actual family emergencies that require immediate attention.


We do not want to leave anyone out who wants to go to camp. More than ever, we believe that children need a safe place—a place to be themselves, to live pressure-free, to escape the constant schedule, and to be nurtured in their faith. We recognize the financial strain many face when trying to pay for camp. We strive to be flexible and are willing to work out a payment plan. A scholarship application will be available online with your registration application. You will need to submit your scholarship application at the time of registration to be considered.

Support LLYC

For many families, LLYC is too expensive without significant financial support, but we want everyone to have the opportunity to attend camp. Will you join the Butt family and so many others by partnering with us to ensure that vulnerable families in Texas have the same access to fun, life-long friendships, and the unconditional love of God?

Safety at LLYC

LLYC takes very seriously the responsibility to provide a high level of care for your child. With safety as a first priority, we have made extensive efforts to reduce the risks inherent in outdoor activities.

1Grounds and Facilities Safety
Laity Lodge Youth Camp is licensed and inspected each summer by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS), and we are graded on every critical aspect of camp facilities including kitchen facilities and food preparation, clinic facilities and administration of health care, cabin standards and ratios between campers and counselors, waterfront safety and life-guarding procedures, adventure-recreation elements and rifle-range safety, and an audit of our staff -application process, our Sexual Abuse and Awareness Training program, and our criminal background checks. We are pleased to report our recent TDSHS inspections scores have been perfect with no deficiencies.

Safety is a priority we commit ourselves to daily. We have a Maintenance Team that oversees the safety of our camp facilities and grounds.

Historically, rains in excess of five inches in a few hours can cause flooding. We have a robust flood response in place.
2Staff Hiring Safety
Because we are a faith-based camp, we have the ability to ask personal questions in both applications and interviews that could never be asked in a secular job application including questions about their faith story and church involvement. The majority of our referrals for new hires come from our existing staff, and we are pleased to say we have a very high staff retention rate from year to year that averages 55 percent. Each summer, half of our staff already have performed at such a level of excellence that we hire them back. We do not recruit international staff or use the internet to attract staff. All staff are required to submit two references, and, in addition, we ask each staff applicant to “friend” us so we can audit their social media and determine if there are any caution flags that do not arise in an interview.

LLYC requires thorough background checks on all staff. We run criminal background checks on all levels of staff and volunteers at camp for both in-state and out-of-state hires. All staff are required to complete an online course prior to arriving at camp that teaches and tests each person on the facts about sexual abuse and awareness. During our Staff Training Week, which is mandatory for all staff, we use a state-approved consultant and professional counselor to evaluate our staff, to make sure they understand the rules of conduct with campers, and to assist them with any personal issues they may have experienced as a child related to any form of abuse. During our training, we teach standards for community living and articulate and demonstrate appropriate behavior when working at camp and building relationships with campers.
3Medical Safety
Because we are 60 minutes from the nearest hospital, it is imperative that we have excellent standards of health care in the Canyon. For many years, we have been blessed with a rotating staff of doctors, most of whom have expertise in either emergency care or pediatrics. Our doctors serve for a week at a time on-site and are available to both Singing Hills and Echo Valley clinics 24 hours a day. We also have an RN at each camp and a health-care assistant who serves both the doctors and nurses. We have local EMS support from Leakey, which is 12 miles from camp, as well as the ability to call in air transport if a serious injury occurs in camp.
4Emotional Safety
Being a relational ministry, we want campers to be genuinely loved and accepted, and to be heard regardless of circumstances they are walking through. We want them to be themselves and not fear judgment or embarrassment from being who they really are and want to be. Our Staff Training teaches staff how to recognize and respond to bullying in the camp setting.
5Transportation Safety
We use vehicles to transport campers to activities outside the immediate boundaries of Singing Hills or Echo Valley. All passengers are required to be seated in the bed of a truck with the tailgate up, and the speed limit in the river is 10 mph.

Singing Hills Overview

Kids need camp--the outdoors, the wilderness, the river, the games, the adventure, and even the exhaustion at the end of a fun-filled day.

Singing Hills stretches approximately 150 yards from one end to the other, the perfect size for building a strong sense of community. If you want to know what’s happening in camp, all you have to do is step out your front door. Every cabin’s front porch looks out on the entire camp--reassuring for nervous young campers and helpful to directors and counselors.

We take great pride and care in the selection of each member of our staff. Our staff members have the highest integrity, personal and spiritual maturity, and an enthusiasm for life and working with young people. Our camper-to-counselor ratio is approximately four to one.

Eight cabins house 14 campers and four counselors each, equally split between boys and girls. These cabins are steeped in tradition and identity, each having their own names and cheers. The cabins are simple, one-room structures with full bathrooms attached. The deep front porches are a constant buzz of activity, full of campers and staff alike, engaging in games or casual conversation.

Located in the center of Singing Hills is the Roundup Pavilion, the hub of camp activity. Every night, the entire camp gathers for songs, skits, and a relevant talk. The noise levels rise with each song and cheer, with the camp spirit poured out amidst the screaming and laughing. God is worshiped in a way that only Singing Hills can bring.

Singing Hills Testimonials

LLYC is so fun and you get to swim A LOT. I love the counselors – they are very special, especially Liz and Ashley. I learned that God is very important to me. (Nancy, 3rd Session, Singing Hills)
Every night I dream about being there and then when I do get there I think I’m dreaming (Tanner, 2nd Session, Singing Hills)
LLYC means to me that you can just go to a camp for 2 weeks and just have fun, getting to know the camp adults, and meeting new kids last year, I had a great time at camp with Kyle, Eric, Carson, and Kieke, they helped me with the problems that I had this year was better than my first year was. (Mason, 3rd Session, Singing Hills)
LLYC turns a good summer into a GREAT summer! (Christian, 4th Session, Singing Hills)

Echo Valley Overview

Echo Valley is designed specifically for campers who have finished sixth through tenth grades. As the “older camp,” we create an environment where our campers can be accepted for who they are, just the way God made them.

Echo Valley campers can expect to try new things—everything from rappelling steep limestone bluffs to swimming in natural spring-fed waters to country dancing. They might ride in the back of a pick-up on dirt roads in an unbelievably beautiful part of Texas. They will see more stars than they have maybe ever seen. Most of all, they can expect to learn about God and discover ways to grow in their faith.

Echo Valley hosts around 200 campers each session with nine girls’ cabins and seven guys’ cabins. The counselors are at the core of the camp experience (with an average of four in each cabin) as they lead their campers through all aspects of camp. We work hard to hire the right people. To have a fun camp, we hire fun people. To help campers deepen their faith, we hire folks deeply committed in their own faith and who have an understanding of ministry. To help campers grow and thrive, we find folks with the personal and spiritual maturity to be role models to our campers.

Echo Valley is located on an enormous bend in the Frio River about a mile and a half downstream from Singing Hills, and, yes, you have to drive in the river to get there. All we need is located right on our peninsula—ropes courses, guys’ and girls’ cabins, athletic fields, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, zip lines, dining hall, Sugar Shack (camp store), a rodeo arena, and, of course, the clean, cool Frio River to play in.


LLYC is where my relationship with God first began and where it continues to grow the most. (Emily, 1st Session, Echo Valley)

LLYC has always been a place for me to learn about Christ and this past year I really opened up more and was able to take what I’ve learned and teach others. (Joseph, 4th Session, Echo Valley)

Honestly, I don’t think I would be near the same person I am today without camp. It has taught me so much, you have no idea. All my friends and experiences from camp are held close to my heart and I will never forget them no matter what. Everyone at camp is so accepting and open. If I could, I would spend everyday at camp. LLYC= the most stellar thing that has ever happened. Ever. (Lana, 2nd & 3rd Sessions, Echo Valley)

Whenever I pull into the Canyon all I can think is “welcome home.” (Kiri, 3rd & 4th Sessions, Echo Valley)

LLYC is just about the greatest place on Earth, its not just a camp, it is literally the best two weeks of your life; it has changed me so much as a person and has brought me so much closer to God every year. LLYC is so awesome, its tough to put into words, but to simplify it down to one word, it would have to be paradise. (Anna, 3rd Session, Echo Valley)

LLYC is the huge, energetic family I wished I always had. (Kara, 4th Session, Echo Valley)

LLYC is amazing and every year it gets better and better! (Brianna, 2nd Session, EV)

LLYC is a sweet escape where kids can go to for 2 weeks out of their summer to learn more about God and be surrounded by people who love indefinitely. (Joy, 3rd Session, Echo Valley)

Camp is heaven on earth! (Jordan, 2nd Session, Echo Valley)

It has taught me how to live my life through the eyes of the Lord! (Briley, Jam Session, Echo Valley)

Camp is a place that makes me, me. It strengthens my relationship with Christ to a whole new level. Laity lodge is truly the best two weeks of your life. (Anne-Marie, 2nd Session, Echo Valley)

This is what camp means to me: LLYC is the best two weeks of your life with fun and friends! (Colleen & Kemper, 2nd Session, Echo Valley) There’s no place like home…except LLYC. (Cole, 2nd Session, Echo Valley)

LLYC means the world to me; the friends and the love that goes around the whole LLYC area just makes me love everyone else even more! (Tanya, 4th Session, Echo Valley)

In the canyon you literally find the hands, mouths, and works of God; you find the body of Christ, and you yourself become a part of the Body of Christ through the love abundant in that place. (Stephen, 1st and 2nd Sessions, Echo Valley)

“LLYC is my safe haven – there is no place like it in the world!” (Elizabeth, 3rd Session, Echo Valley)

Mailing Address

For Post Office:

Camper’s Name
c/o LLYC – EV or SH (whichever applies)
Session # _____
General Delivery
Leakey, TX 78873


Camper’s Name
c/o LLYC – EV or SH (whichever applies)
Session # _____
11756 N. US HWY 83
Leakey, TX 78873