What is an LLYC staff member? He or she is a person who has had a life-changing encounter with God in the person of Jesus Christ and who desires to give himself or herself to the campers in order that they might have an encounter with Christ while they experience the best two weeks of their lives. Each LLYC staff member needs to be genuinely interested in and willing to become personally involved with the campers.

The staff makes the message of Christ personal in an often impersonal world. Every camper is deemed important—everyone matters! In this light, the role of the staff is magnified. The program and activities are obviously important, but they are merely tools for what we hope to accomplish—reaching campers for Christ. Being an LLYC staff member becomes more than just a job. It becomes a strategic mission.

Activities Team

The Activities Team is responsible for facilitating many of the camp activities with campers, especially some of the activities that require in-depth training, such as high ropes/adventure rec, shooting sports, and lifeguarding.  This is a great position for people who enjoy being active and helping support camp ministry by facilitating unique experiences. Activities Team Staff must have completed their senior year in high school.  To be considered, applicants must be able to commit to pre-camp adventure rec and lifeguard training.


Work Crew (for girls) and Program Crew (for guys) is a volunteer staff position open only to applicants who are in their junior year of high school at the time of application. Crew members serve diligently behind the scenes, living and working in authentic community. This is a position for people who want to learn what it means to give themselves away and develop deep relationships in the process. Many people who have served on Crew consider this to be one of the most significant (and fun) experiences of their lives.


The direct ministry to the campers is carried on primarily through the counselors. Counselors live in cabins with campers. One of the major responsibilities of a counselor is to ensure that all important aspects of cabin life are responsibly and punctually performed (for example: cabin times, cabin cleanup, cabin activities, etc.). Counselors also teach camp activities throughout the summer.

Senior Counselors have completed their sophomore year in college. Junior Counselors have completed their senior year in high school or their freshman year in college. All counselors should actively seek to nurture and deepen relationships with the campers in order to point them to a relationship with Christ.

Preschool Counselor (Canyon Club Assistant)

Preschool Counselors or Canyon Club Assistants must have completed their senior year in high school. Canyon Club Assistants are directly responsible for caring for and nurturing the children of the LLYC staff, who range in ages from 6 months to 12 years. Canyon Club Assistant applicants must have a love for small children and an ambitious desire to creatively minister to and nurture children on a daily basis.

Camp Store Staff (Sugar Shack Assistant)

Our Camp Store Staff, or Sugar Shack Assistants, must have completed their senior year in high school. The Sugar Shack operates on an organized schedule selling food, drinks, and camp clothing to the camp staff and campers. The Sugar Shack Assistants are also responsible for the daily mail pickup and delivery and care package assembly and delivery. In addition, the Sugar Shack serves as our on-site office. The Sugar Shack Assistants must be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with the many phone calls that LLYC receives daily. Occasionally, the Sugar Shack Assistants may be called upon to make trips to and from Kerrville. Because of their high visibility and responsibility, the Sugar Shack Assistants must be polite, patient, and articulate. They must also exhibit a great deal of willingness to serve in many different capacities, as the job calls for a great deal of flexibility. This group of staff have the blessing of seeing every camper and staff member each day.


Cooks must have completed their senior year in high school. Food Services is responsible for the daily preparation and presentation of the camp meals and various special events (as dictated by the program). Camp revolves around the meals, and Laity Lodge Youth Camp is renowned for its excellent food-service program. A Cook applicant should be a team player, creative, capable of following instructions, and comfortable in a serving role.

Media Team

The Videographer follows a production schedule, shoots and edits footage, and duplicates DVDs. Persons applying should have experience in videography, video production, or photography. All video production is done on-site on Mac systems with Final Cut Pro. A Videographer applicant should be organized, ambitious, and creative.

The Photographer follows a shooting schedule, shoots and organizes photos, and posts photos on the website for parents to see. Applicants should have a working knowledge of photography. LLYC provides a complete photography system. A Photographer applicant should be organized, ambitious, and creative.

Central Leadership Staff

LLYC offers many opportunities to serve through leading. We hire the following positions: Programmer, Work Crew Boss, Program Crew Boss, Roundup Coordinator, Adventure Recreation Director, Kitchen Director, Canyon Club Assistant Director, Media Director, Transportation Director, Sugar Shack Director, Health Care Assistant, and Activities Director.  If you are interested in serving in a leadership position, please contact Chandler Pruitt at chandler@llyc.org.

Health Care Assistant

The Health Care Assistant (H.C.A.) must have completed his/her freshman year in college and is directly responsible to the Camp Nurse and the Camp Directors. Medical coverage and treatments are also coordinated with the visiting LLYC Camp Doctor.  The H.C.A. is a position for those with some health care delivery skills, but who are not licensed to practice professional nursing in the state of Texas.  The job description limits health care delivery to routine care as delegated by the supervising R.N./L.V.N. and/or the LLYC Camp Doctor. Overall responsibilities will include caring for campers and staff as well as administering medications and keeping a log of accidents and treatments.  The H.C.A. must exhibit the love and patience required to work with the staff and campers.