Singing Hills


Screaming Thrills! Just an affectionate term that more than adequately describes Singing Hills, our camp for children grades 2-5. Attempting to describe “The Hills” is difficult. It must be experienced to obtain the full effect.

Physically, Singing Hills occupies a fairly tight piece of property, stretching approximately 150 yards from one end to the other. This fosters an amazingly strong sense of community as you can see the entire campus from any place in camp. If you want to know what’s happening in camp, all you have to do is step out your front door.

Eight cabins house 14 campers and four counselors each, equally split between boys and girls. These cabins are steeped in tradition and identity, each having their own names and cheers. The cabins are simple, one-room structures with full bathrooms attached. The deep front porches are a constant buzz of activity, full of campers and staff alike, engaging in games or casual conversation.

Located in the center of Singing Hills is the Roundup Pavilion, the hub of camp activity. Every night, the entire camp gathers for songs, skits, and a relevant talk. The noise levels rise with each song and cheer, with the camp spirit poured out amidst the screaming and laughing. God is worshiped in a way that only Singing Hills can bring.

At its core, Singing Hills is about the counselor/camper relationship. We take great pride and care in the selection of each member of our staff. Our staff members have the highest integrity, personal and spiritual maturity, and an enthusiasm for life and working with young people. Overall, our camper-to-counselor ratio is approximately four to one. Without question, the vital elements of our success are the talent, enthusiasm, and character of our staff.

Singing Hills, where the days never end. The pace is relentless with fun to match. We have come to believe that Singing Hills gives a brief glimpse of what heaven will be.