Singing Hills Camper Quotes

Every night I dream about being there and then when I do get there I think I’m dreamingTanner, 2nd Session, Singing Hills

LLYC means to me that you can just go to a camp for 2 weeks and just have fun, getting to know the camp adults, and meeting new kids last year, I had a great time at camp with Kyle, Eric, Carson, and Kieke, they helped me with the problems that I had this year was better than my first year was.Mason, 3rd Session, Singing Hills

LLYC turns a good summer into a GREAT summer!Christian, 4th Session, Singing Hills

LLYC is so fun and you get to swim A LOT. I love the counselors – they are very special, especially Liz and Ashley. I learned that God is very important to me.Nancy, 3rd Session, Singing Hills