Camp Changes Lives

Posted by on May 13, 2011 in Inspiration, LLYC: The Beat, What the Directors Say

AngelaPeople always tell me that camp changes people’s lives. They say that we have an unmatched opportunity to spend two uninterrupted weeks with close to 1500 young people every summer. Honestly, this notion didn’t seem possible to me until I was there, until I saw it.

I often have counselors come and tell me about what his or her camper is going through. Most of the time I just offer some advice and encourage the counselor, but one time it was different. One time I needed to meet with this young camper myself. As we sat down I realized that I had played Concentration with this camper during free time the day before.

It’s a strange word game, that I can barely remember now. But the campers in her session was particularly obsessed with it. We sat in a circle on the grass near the volleyball courts. One person would shout out a bunch of different words and everyone would guess what they were thinking about). Honestly, I played the game twice and the first time totally confused me. The second time I played the game, this camper was there sitting next to me.

Later when the camper needed me, she quickly opened up, and we talked about what she was going through and what the next steps would be.

I was struck that she trusted me. I was struck that a simple word game we had played on the day before had such significance. Camp is full of fun and games, but why? The course of that young camper’s life was changed in the grass that day. At camp God uses the simplest actions for His complex plan. Two weeks, uninterrupted is an unmatched opportunity that God has given us and I am so thankful to be a small part of it.

Angela Aadahl,
Associate Director, Singing Hills