There is no way to measure the value of a weekend away at Laity Lodge’s adult retreat center. Brooke Howard and her husband attended the last LLYC Alumni and Friends retreat at The Lodge. I met up with her to hear about her experience.

What prompted you to attend the LLYC Alumni and Friends retreat?

I wanted to experience Laity Lodge as a grownup, without children, and hear a good speaker. I heard the speaker was supposed to be really great. And he (Scotty Smith) was.

What was special about your time there?

It was great to be with my husband without our children for a little while. It was also nice to be with great friends, hearing God’s truth in this really special setting for us. And I felt like the speaker really met us where we were in our lives and marriages. It was great.

Was there anything happening in your life leading up to the experience that made your time here important to you?

Yes, wanting to make our marriage a priority and learn how to be parents! I feel like Scotty Smith talked about his own struggles and story in a very vulnerable way. It was helpful to hear  the healing power of Jesus in Scotty’s story in ways that are true for all of our stories, wherever you are in marriage and figuring out how to be parents and good friends to other friends who are going through hard times. Most of all, I was challenged on how to trust the truth of the Gospel that we believe.

Does it continue to affect your life today?

Yes! We really appreciated the time away with someone taking care of us. It was really nurturing. The care, the good fellowship, and great worship all continue to feed me today.

Brooke and Joel Howard live in Austin with their two daughters, Ruth and Rebecca.

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