I met Kayti Brosnan (now Duffie) almost 15 years ago when we were on Work Crew. We were campers in different sessions and then on separate crews. With me at The Hills and her across the river in Echo’s kitchen, we never had an opportunity to bond. All I knew about her was that she seemed spunky and had a 2Pac poster hanging above her top bunk in Cabin J. And that was Kayti Brosnan. Or so I thought. Little did I know that this pint-sized dynamo would become a nurse, keep coming back to work on staff for ten years throughout her twenties and into her thirties, and ultimately marry a camp dude, as did both of her male siblings. So what’s Kayti up to these days? Let’s find out.

What are you up to these days?
I am currently working as a Case Manager at Dell Children’s Hospital while going to school full-time for my BSN in nursing. (I earned my Associate’s degree in 2003). The plan is to begin a Master’s program next fall for an advanced nursing degree, specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

The interesting part about my nursing career altogether is that Margo Pruitt told me I would be a great nurse when I was just 17 years old.  It was a time in life when I had a hard time hearing or seeing anything that I could possibly be good at.  Those words of confidence continued to echo within me and spur me on.  Furthermore, once I became a nurse, I had the amazing opportunity to staff the clinics for 8 summers, where I gained knowledge from our physicians and created relationships with campers that allowed me to watch them grow up from mere kids at Singing Hills to young adults at Echo Valley. Although those 8 years definitely had their challenges and frustrating moments, they are still, without a doubt, some of the most influential years of my life.

You have been able to return to LLYCin the summers throughout your twenties.  What has that experience been like?
One aspect of camp that I have loved witnessing and experiencing over the years is its consistency.  In a world that is constantly changing and moving with gadgets, twitter feeds, fashion styles and all the other things that inundate our daily lives. LLYC has maintained the magical feeling of late night dances, the anticipation of Round Up, goofy themes, team competitions, sneak outs and hiding from bush patrol.  I think all alumni can think back and remember how those moments felt and I hope they will be proud to know that camp still maintains that same magic and simple joy in the campers there today.  Oh man, this makes me want to go back!

What do you miss most about camp?
With this being my first summer away, I miss all the relationships.  I have missed not being able to see campers arrive and witness how much they have changed and grown over the year.  I miss Chandler’s awful dance moves and Mary Echols creativity.  I miss the possibility of a mountain lion or the lady in white being somewhere on the property.  I miss the river flooding and the sounds of campers singing during round up.  I miss genuine laughter, bizarre activities, theme dinners and cookie cake. There is a freedom that happens within those canyon walls, it’s a place where “cool” doesn’t matter very much and campers begin to experience themselves in a way they had never imagined before.  It’s hard to put into words exactly what happens out at LLYC each summer, but if you were ever a camper or a dedicated counselor, then rest assured that camp still maintains its magical ways.

Kayti Duffie

How else does camp still impact your life today?
On a personal note, the last ten years within the canyon walls have held the most life changing events for me and my family. All three Brosnan siblings met our spouses out at camp, which officially makes us 3 for 3. This also makes us a powerhouse for future campers.  We have combined the height of the Werners the athletic abilities of the Duffies, the pure talent of the Edgertons and the stubbornness of the Brosnans to guarantee pure dominance by our future Bounty Hunters! 


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