Erin and I didn’t meet at LLYC, but we had our definitive DTR on the Echo Valley ropes course during staff week of ’99.  We met at Wake Forest the previous fall, and I persuaded Erin to work at Echo with me the following summer, trusting the canyon to cast its spell.  It did.  We survived a summer of camp crushes and several years of college drama to arrive at the fateful moment in December ’02.


I convinced Erin to go camping at Garner to celebrate our dating anniversary, and as we got close to Laity I said, “Let’s go check out Circle Bluff.”  I’d arranged with Russell Tabor, who was living out there with his family at the time, to write “Marry Me…” on the Linnet’s Wings playing field.  The proposal was written in Spanish to make it less obvious, but as we approached the overlook I noticed some hikers sounding out the message and trying to figure it out.  This threw me off my game a bit.  But I stalled and distracted Erin, and they soon left.   So we had our moment alone, gazing over that magical canyon, soaking in the memories of when and where it all began.  And thirteen years later…the road goes on forever!


The WHOLE Pearson Crew!


image1Since getting married in 2003, we’ve lived in Austin working together to run a boutique residential real estate brokerage, Pearson Properties.  Working together certainly has its challenges, but it’s also been a fun adventure and reminds us daily to keep short accounts.  By God’s grace, we’ve been blessed with 2 crazy boys (Cooper age 7 & Nathan 4.5) who keep us on our toes (and knees praying!).  We’ve recently introduced them to the magic of the canyon at LLFC and the 50th Alumni Reunion weekend.  We hope they’ll be able to experience the wonder and delight of encountering God through the beauty and fellowship of the Laity canyon for years to come, and make lasting relationships there, just like we have!


Our family at LLFC!

Our family at LLFC!

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