picllPart 1:

Let’s face it: we are readers, whether we identify ourselves as such or not.  I, for one, am a bookworm. And while my husband doesn’t identify as a reader, he probably reads more articles than I do. And although statistics on how many Americans have read on entire book in the last year would make a librarian cry, our use of iPhones and the internet support my initial claim that we are all readers.

John Piper says:

Millions of people are going to read. If they don’t read contemporary Christian books, they are going to read contemporary secular books. They will read. It is amazing to watch people in an airport. In airports alone, at any given moment, there must be hundreds of thousands of people reading. One of the things we Christians need to be committed to, besides reading, is giving away thoughtful books to those who might read them but would never buy them. The ripple effect is incalculable.

Part 2:

Why is this relevant to LLYC Alumni? Well, one of our very own alum-readers, Bernie Byars, has done just what John Piper mentioned above.

The book: A Shephard’s Look at Psalm 23

The why: Byars says, “I just started giving it away after I read it in a book study. It changed my perspective on Jesus and made him very real…made me realize how cared for I am.”

So, what book would you give away copies of?