Check out this great blog post (along with its FREE printables) on how to keep Christ at the center of this Christmas season.

The author, Rachel Chaney, says:

Five years ago, I was searching for one family tradition that could orient our family to Christ during Christmas year after year. I didn’t find what I was looking for, so I tried to create it.
In 2007, my friend Mary Kessler Sauer and I worked on putting together a series of Advent devotionals for families.

I wrote 25 devotions and Mary Kessler created 25 accompanying drawings that can be used as ornaments. This year, a couple of friends at church, Benjie and Lizette, have revisited this project, and we’ve been working hard to improve it. We hope that your family might use it as a tool to focus on the person and work of Jesus Christ during this December.

Each day in the month of December, you read a devotion, sing a hymn, color and hang an ornament.


Read the rest of the Jesus Tree Blog Post HERE.

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