I really love when people ask me how Brett proposed. Here is how it went down: It was about an hour after Round Up and I was sitting on the porch of the Echo Valley clinic, drinking coffee as you do when at camp. A truck pulled up and a gang of ninjas from Singing Hills jumped out and surrounded me. These cabin 4 boys told me they were kidnapping me to use me for a ransom of Cokes and candy. They blindfolded me and drove me out to Devil’s Bathtub. They then lead me, still blindfolded, down that dry(ish) creek bed to a bonfire. This is where the ransom was to be delivered. When they took off my blindfold, I saw the bonfire, and the next thing I know, Brett swings in on a rope like Tarzan. I was laughing so hard, but the next thing I knew he was down on one knee…proposing!


LLYC is a very special place for both of us. Obviously because we met and fell in love there, but for other reasons too. Brett was saved at camp, and his life was seriously impacted by the example of his counselors when he needed it most; Cary Hendricks, Ryan Russell, and Lawson Boothe to name a few. Chandler Pruitt baptized him in the river a few years later among friends. Until my wedding day, almost every significant life moment for me happened in that place. It’s where I learned about Jesus, where I was saved, and where I saw what it looked like to live out my faith. It’s also where I made the most significant friendships of my life. Too many to name, but girls that have been a consistent and influential part of my life for more than 20 years. During my time out there I was challenged, encouraged, exhausted, and privileged to do some kingdom building work among the finest staff and directors around.


We have now been married for 10 years and have three of the funniest and rowdiest little guys you can imagine. Boys like this are the reason LLYC exists. This past fall we were able to experience camp as a family at LLFC. It’s an amazing thing to see Laity through the eyes of a child, it’s also remarkable how quickly you feel as young and innocent as you were as a camper. God’s presence in that place is easy and undeniable. I am so thankful for how our lives were impacted there, and so hopeful for how it will influence my little guys in a few years.


We are full-tilt responsible adults at this point, but Brett and I often brainstorm Round Up skits when we are in the car on road trips, or after the kids are all asleep at home. We giggle about themes that were a total disaster or success, we remember the campers that made us laugh and cry, and we feel so lucky that our love story started at such a special place.


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