Anyone who knows Dee knows she is quite a gal. Her family has been hosting a fifteen year old girl named Rachel from Rwanda as she undergoes several surgeries for fibrodysplasia.


Members of Congress gave Seton executives tickets to hear Pope Francis speak when he visits the White House next week, but they decided to send people from the hospital’s network that exemplify the Pope’s teachings and the company’s mission to treat everyone with dignity and give special care to the poor and vulnerable.

Dell Children’s Medical Center Nurse Case Manager Dee Brosnan and 15-year old patient Rachel Uwimana of Rwanda were chosen to attend.

“A friend told me about Rachel and that they were looking for a place, a family for her to be a part of. And it was just, I knew. This is us, we’re that family,” said Brosnan.

Brosnan, her husband and their three daughters opened their home to Rachel six months ago after doctors at Dell Children’s learned about a girl in Rwanda with a case of fibrodysplasia deemed hopeless.

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