I recently found myself watching the sky fade to black on a porch swing at Laity Lodge after a delicious meal of fried antelope. I’m 32 now, but I thought back to my very first Lodge visit. I was a 14 year old Cabin D girl, who’d proudly embarked on a female-only hike from Echo Valley. We marched a trail that seemed to take forever, sweating in our liberated uniform of Oshman’s wind shorts, Teva’s and sports bras, on what was declared Women’s Independence Day.


The hike was long, but Laity Lodge did not disappoint. We had such a blast devouring lunch on the luscious lawns, playing ping pong and lounging in the wooden chairs and swings. It’s not that what we were doing was sneaky or defiant –I’m sure it was on the activities calendar –but for a girl about to enter high school, it was a privilege. Camp is full of little privileges we miss outside of the Canyon. One of the main privileges of LLYC is the collection of stories you hear and create summer after summer. And after this particular adventure, I had a story of my own.

Are stories not what makes this place? What keep it alive, churning out new ones? Tell us your stories.

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