Wife and mom to three girls, Kimberly Acosta has history experiencing the Canyon.  Moving and constant transitions were a very normal part of her childhood, as she is the daughter of a Texas high school football coach.  At 38 years old, she would tell you now that, “LLYC was one of the most important parts of her childhood and something she counted on every summer.” During thirteen years of moving towns and households, LLYC remained her constant from second grade all the way up to serving as a counselor until her sophomore year in college. As Kimberly reflects on her time at LLYC, she understands the importance that consistency every summer held for her.  While she grew up in the church, one of her fondest memories was accepting Christ in third grade on her bunk bed at Singing Hills.  Now a mom of three girls, Parker, Reagan, and Sophie, she can’t help but wonder what camp experiences they will have and who will be that special someone building into their lives.  That someone for Kimberly was Dan, Frog, Chandler, and Mary. 

Even now, 18 years later, as her family pulls through the gates to attend Family Camp, she is chomping at the bit to see each of them!  Kimberly had been telling her husband and kids about camp for years so when the opportunity arose for her family to attend, she jumped on it and started making plans.  She talks with such excitement as she describes getting on Highway 83 and feeling like it’s “game time.”  From the moment she saw the first windmill, she started the countdown for how many were left before they arrived at camp.  Watching her daughter’s expressions as they drove into camp and into the river was “priceless,” she says. As she was walking back through camp, she felt as if she had come back home . . . like a big family reunion. In her mind, Family Camp mimics LLYC—no computers, no phones, no laundry, and a total disconnect from the world where you can focus on having fun.  She describes the experience of watching her children at Family Camp as a full circle moment—it’s what she used to do at their age . . . have pure fun.  Her middle daughter, Reagan, caught her first fish at family camp which was a touching moment Kimberly and her husband shared.  The girls played and played and described the water at Blue Hole as the coldest water they had ever put themselves in!  “They had a blast,” Kimberly says, and it made she and her husband even more excited that their oldest daughter was of camp age to attend LLYC jam session for the first time this year.  “The date night was awesome and it was so nice to know that our kids were having fun so we could allow ourselves to have fun too,” she says. 

Kimberly’s background is teaching first grade and she shares her heart for the 18-25 year old counselors at LLYC and the important role they have on these young lives.  When they take time to zero in, speak the truth, and positively build into these boys and girls, it can be life-changing.  It certainly was for Kimberly. 

“When I think of this place, my heart skips a beat and I get a lump in my throat.  Sometimes words just don’t do justice . . . one weekend at LLFC and my family gets it!”