When I was a camper, you were dropped off and picked up, with the possibility of sending home a letter or two somewhere within your two week stay. Your parents knew little to nothing about what went on during those two magical weeks, except the stories you divulged on the drive home (if you could stay awake) and whatever pictures turned out from your disposable camera.

Now you can practically stalk your loved one every step of their camp way. Photo galleries are updated daily, so you can see who your camper is hanging out with and what they are up to. Is this a plus or a minus? Whatever your opinion, the New York Times has followed up and added their two cents. Check out their article:


My father-in-law, who has successfully raised two LLYC-ers, says, “I tend to side with the “fewer pictures is better” people.  Do your diligence and find a good camp, then let your kid have some rope to figure things out on his or her own.  Old school, I know.” I agree. Of course, my children aren’t old enough for Singing Hills yet. Maybe my tune will change.


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