I met Dany back in ’98 when he was a wacky counselor at the hills. I always thought he was funny enough to be on SNL. As it turns out, Dany did make it onto the small screen, but it was for his business, Edible Earth Resources. See what Dany’s up to now!

What are you up to these days?

I live in Houston with my lovely wife Jennifer Connatser. We are rocking the Braeswood/Meyerland/Gulfton area and loving it. Life is busy, like lots of folks out there, but three dominant issues are involvement in our church, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian, my small business, Edible Earth Resources, and lately we have been fostering and finding homes for lots of awesome dogs and cats. We are somewhere in double digits and can always use good homes for adoption, hint, hint.

Danny Millikin

Tell us about your business.

Thanks for asking. Edible Earth Resources is a full service edible gardening firm. We work with our clients to plan, install and/or maintain gardens or landscapes as attractive sustainable food producers. One can produce food in a small garden/herb bed or in a complex system that entirely reworks ones landscape to be beautiful, sustainable, and food producing. We’d love to help you on your quest to produce fresh, nutritious, and safe food for your family! Also, you can like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter. Shameless free advertising.

What do you miss most about summers at camp?

I could go on for a while about what I miss about just the property out there, the river, the hills, the cool nights, circle bluff blue hole, and some many other spots. So I will exclude the property.

I miss being deep within a community with a simple specific daily mission. The mission was simple, love these students, and we did it together. I still have a mission and a community working at it. But it was simpler and more obvious then.

How does camp still impact your life today?

In many ways my thought processes about God’s love, justice, and kindness began during those years. I am not certain I would even be a Christian today if I hadn’t had those summers as a counselor at LLYC.

I another way, the network of camp people is always surprising, just the other day Mike Singleton contacted me out of the blue, and we will hang out soon.

I wouldn’t know Paul Randall, and thusly wouldn’t know about the Center for Student Missions, the really great mission organization where he works.

And of course, my incredible and beautiful wife worked there, so there’s that.

Check out Dany doing what he does!



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