How many summers did you spend in the Canyon?

Twelve summers! My first summer at LLYC was as a camper in Tri-Love at the Hills. I was a camper at Echo

through Cabin I, then worked Crew at Echo with my bosses—Jennifer (Martin) and Emily (Van Hoozer—

and my cooks Kimball Tyson, Travis Baker, and Kelby Greathouse! I was a CIT for a full summer

(Counselor In Training—when that was a thing) at the Hills and fell in love, so I did it again the next

summer and had some of my best memories in the Canyon. I went to Echo the next summer as a Cabin

H/I counselor, and after that, I started traveling the world in the summers; nevertheless, I came back as a

Sugar Shack girl for a half with Jenny Berno as my boss (because it didn’t make sense in my head to NOT be in

the Canyon while it was summer). 🙂


What are you up to these days?

I teach 7th graders in Austin at Gorzycki Middle School. This is how I continue to get my “camp

counselor” fix in many ways. John, Emmy, and I live between Austin and Dripping Springs. (This is our

compromise, because I love the city and he’s a wildlife biologist who wants a ranch.) 😉 We’re just trying

not to take life too seriously. That’s our current goal.


Do you have a favorite camp memory?

Oh lawd, are you kidding me?! (Small break for two weeks) Ok, I got it … one of my favorite memories was

when our counselors let us sneak out to raid cabin 5 at Echo. This is when Bush Patrol didn’t catch us as

we were panting and were face down in the ground and their flashlights were passing over us as we heard,

“Must’ve been a deer … or 14 deer.” 😉 We really did a number on that poor cabin while the guys were at

campout. Girls can be gross. Somehow they found out it was us, and we got in trouble the next day. 😉 Our

punishment was to clean the Old Ranch House and give WC some rest. We spent a lot of time as a cabin

that day. It seems as though our counselors thought we needed a team-bonding experience. It worked. 🙂


What do you miss most about your summers at camp?

I miss the “aroma” at camp: sweat at group games; torrential downpour that would randomly flood the

river; the Gravy Train; shaving cream fights; dances in the river on the way back from Blue Hole;

climbing the Face of Antenna and walking back down the caliche road; the bonfire at Crosstalk; the air

whipping through the Old Pavilion at Say So; the clinic when I would get sick during Forth Session every

summer and having nurse Carrie take care of me; the pig bucket after a full day of being Crew at the

window; RODEO: painting signs, hay, dirt, animals, root beer, guys’ cologne and girls’ perfume at the

dance; shaving legs on cabin porches (girl thing); your face in the ground as you hid from Bush Patrol

when you snuck out (wondering how awesome y’all’s camo must’ve been that they really didn’t see you

as their flashlights passed right over you); the rush of bodies running up to snatch the

Cody AND Sullivan award as a Tejas Indian; hiking to backside for girls campout and stopping at Echo

Bluff; the sweat in your helmet as you reppelled down Battleship; the dirt and grass being kicked up down by

the river at Echo as campers who got the banana plate (& sometimes David Rogers) fought to the death to

keep Program Crew from throwing them in (people were frequently injured during this activity); and the

aroma of care packages being eaten as we have our sweet Cabin Times every single day.

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How does LLYC still impact your life today?

LLYC is where I learned to how to read the Bible, what a personal relationship with Jesus really looks

like, how to be silly without caring, how to love others where they are, and how to waltz. Soooo, it

impacts my daily life still today. 😉


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