Does it freak anyone else out when their contemporaries are doctors?

Enjoy this fun interview with camp legend Charles McCurley.

Here’s just a taste:

Back in the day, what group game team were you on? Favorite Roundup song? All-time favorite counselor?  

*  I was a Texas Ranger. We basically dominated group games, both in the competitions and in racking up the “valuable spirit points.” The Tejas Indians, Bounty Hunters, and Outlaws really never had a chance.

*  My favorite Roundup song was John Denver’s “Back Home Again.” We sang it on the first night of camp every year. Belting that chorus out surrounded by all of our buddies we had not seen in a year is something I will always remember. I can still feel the energy and excitement.

*  Choosing an all-time favorite counselor is not possible. But …

I learned how to sit on the front porch with a cup of coffee and enjoy a fine Hill Country morning from Mike Singleton.

I learned how to lead by example with strength and humility but not take yourself too seriously from Chandler Pruitt.

I learned how to finger pick Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt songs from Michael Jarrett.

I learned how to be a gentleman from Ryan Russell.

I learned how to be confident in who you are and not worry about conforming to “normal” from Cary Hendricks.

I learned how to laugh until you might throw up from Jack Skaggs.

I learned how to two-step and waltz and how to twirl a girl without stepping on her toes from Ben Wheeler.

I learned how to mesh real life with spiritual life from Toby Baker.

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