We are adopted. Sure, we have all heard this statement, but how many of us have an accurate picture of what this means? While I am adopted by God, I do know my biological parents.

The same cannot be said for the children in the new documentary Drop Box.


These babies are left, sometimes only a few hours old, in a box. Sometimes there is a note or a bag with the baby, but sometimes it’s just a naked newborn with the umbilical cord still attached. See, in Korea, you’ll get kicked out of school for being a pregnant teenage girl. If you are unwed, your family may disown you – and forget about keeping your baby, because it’s not an option.

Others are overwhelmed by a baby’s disability – those notes explain that they cannot take care of these children. Many of children have Downs Syndrome or physical deformities, while others are the most beautiful babies you’ve ever seen. Regardless of their abilities, all of these babies would have been left to die somewhere, until God used one man’s difficult journey with his own son’s deformity and disability to save and impact somewhere near 500 abandoned babies.

Please make an effort to see this phenomenal documentary, which follows Pastor Lee, his wife and fifteen children as they open the door to life over and over again (some weeks they take in one new baby per day). This film will make you laugh and cry, but most importantly it will remind you that every life matters and that there are no unnecessary lives.

Also that while some people have outward deformities, all of our souls are crooked and misshaped until we are adopted by our Heavenly Father. This moving documentary

Drop Box Trailer