Since Elizabeth Lodowski was the first person I ever met at camp, I thought I would see what she’s up to these days. I met with Elizabeth to discuss her new business and how, as an alumni, LLYC still impacts her life today.

Elizabeth and her two business partners, James Boone and Johanna Adkins, collaborated to open Comb Collective, a design house based in Austin, Texas. These three women collaborated, each bringing her unique talents to the table, in order to fuel, foster, and manage collaboration between businesses, creatives, and nonprofits. They offer innovative solutions in the areas of fashion, art, and design. Specialty shoelaces are their first product.

Elizabeth Lodowski with coworkers

Why shoelaces?

Shoelaces are something people need. Shoelaces break, they get dirty, they fall apart. Instead of going out to buy a new pair of boots each season, you can add a new look with this specialty lace. Each pair of laces is an art piece, a handmade specialty product that translates into a fresh individual new look for your espadrilles, Sperry’s, tennis shoes, high-fashion booties, lace-up Tom’s, and even work boots.

Shoe laces

How does your camp experience factor into your life today?

It’s the connection with the people. When I hear about projects, businesses, and the passions of friends from camp, I want to plug in and contribute what I have to offer. I also want to be a presence in the business world and in the community that represents Jesus and his love and care for his people.

What do you miss most about summers at camp?

It was at camp that I started to connect with people on that deeper level that I longed for in every relationship in my life. Even in my adult life, I get that pang of  “I wish I was going to camp.” I miss the open dialogue about the things that are truest and deepest within us, but at camp they are brought to the surface. I love the organic ministry. Camp is where I really learned how to be myself and how to support the people around me. I felt so at home and alive there…most of all, I felt at home in myself.

Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Studio Art from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She currently lives in Austin, Texas. Browse or purchase her collective’s first product at the following locations:,, Etcetera, Etcetera, Stag and other Austin boutiques.

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