Eric and I met in 2010 at Singing Hills during a LLFC weekend. I was going to be an intern the following year and Eric was hired as a Family Camp programmer. I was pretty quickly drawn in by his friendly smile and sense of humor, as most people who know him are. I thought he was a creative and fun programmer and I saw that he committed whole-heartedly to his role and his friendships there. We served on leadership staff for LLYC the summer of 2010. I was Girls’ Director and Eric was a Programmer. We made our “camp crush” official by beginning to date in July and then we dated long distance the entire year I worked on LLYC Staff full-time in Kerrville while Eric went to school in College Station.

We got engaged in April of 2011 in Kerrville. Eric came to town for the weekend to visit me and told me he would pick up lunch and we could meet at a spot by the river that we would hang out at on our days off during the summer. When I arrived, Eric had made us a picnic and surprised me with a gift, a book for us to read together. He even brought my dog, Peanut to come visit me also. As the lunch came to an end, Eric started talking about all of the things he loved about me. He said the only thing he would change was my last name. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

We were engaged and planning a wedding during our second summer on staff. It was an intense summer where we both learned a lot and greatly anticipated starting our life together. I spent a lot of late nights in Cabin 11 tweaking our wedding registry, talking to my mother (a.k.a. my wedding planner) and even arranged for our cake tasting to take place in the staff lounge on closing day after the campers had gone home.


We were so blessed to have so many friends and family throw us such a fun and amazing wedding day. A staff member’s mother was our florist, Tammy Soth prepared the reception dinner, Mary Echols decorated and we even had Kevin Mayne burgers the day before our wedding.


I did my hair and make-up on a bunk in Tri-Love and our friends and family had the true camp experience while we rented the grounds for the weekend. We were married August 28, 2011 in the Singing Hills pavilion and had a Ranch house back porch dance party for our reception. We were so glad to start our life together in the place where we met, fell in love and grew so much individually and as a couple. We had so many wonderful people pouring into our lives during our time at the Foundation and the memories we have from that time are the sweetest. We miss the Canyon so very much now that our lives have moved us farther away, but we will always cherish the fact that beginning of our life together was rooted in that place surrounded by so many people we loved.


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