Because Molly Winters is a Corpus Christi-an, I have automatic mad love for her. That and the fact that she did Work Crew at the Hills! Woot woot!


Let’s hear about her experience with LLYC.

How many summers did you spend in the Canyon?

I spent 12 summers in the Canyon.  I started in Cabin 1 and spent 4 summers at Singing Hills, went on to Echo Valley for 5 summers, then Work Crew at the hills. I was a counselor at Echo and I spent my last summer as the photographer for both camps.


What are you up to these days?

I live in Austin and I freelance as a photographer.  I shoot portraits, interiors, and lifestyle photography for magazines, small businesses, and families.  I went to school here at UT where I studied art.  I feel lucky that I got to stay here and pursue a career that I love, while sticking close to so many great friends and family in my all-time favorite city.

Awesome! Where can we see some of your work?

Do you have a favorite camp memory?

That’s so tough.  I don’t think my favorite memories from camp seem very exciting.  The times that stick out most for me are all the late night bunk conversations, lounging on the dock in the river talking with friends, and just goofing off with my cabin-mates and counselors.  More than anything, I just loved the people and the fun we had together.      


What do you miss most about your summers at camp?

So many things- the landscape, the people, the dances, and of course, swimming in the river!!  Sometimes I can’t believe I got to spend two weeks there every summer.  What a life it was!  Two full weeks of fun and relaxation with friends in one of the most beautiful places in the world, all while other people are feeding/taking care of you and making sure you are having the best time ever.  Sounds like a dream!  What I wouldn’t give to experience that again.  I definitely did not know how good I had it as a kid.  Now, with jobs and responsibility, I can look back and truly appreciate what an amazing time that was in my life. 


How does LLYC still impact your life today?

Oddly enough, almost every close friend I have today went to LLYC at some point.  I didn’t actually attend camp with them all and we are a wide range of ages, but we all met through LLYC.  Since camp, we have all grown and changed and are in different stages of life – some are still believers, some are not, some are married with kids, and some are single in grad school.  It’s a big variety, but there is still something that we all connect on and it’s not specific to camp memories.  I think that at LLYC we were taught the value of true friendship.  And, we were shown how to love people no matter where they are in life.  We learned a lot about being open with people and honest and forming something beyond a surface-level relationship.  There are few things better than good friends and those relationships take work and sacrifice, but that’s what you have to put in in order to create deep, long-lasting friendships.  I am so thankful that I learned these lessons at camp because I now have some of the best friends ever who have supported me through the best and worst times in my life.  I feel very blessed by all of them.   



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