You’re pulling of 83 through the H.E.B. Foundation gates when suddenly you remember what’s still sitting on your bathroom counter. Yes, you forgot to pack X and you’re about to start the best two weeks of your life.

For me, back in the summer of ’94, X was a hairbrush. Yes, I was carpooling to camp from Corpus Christi when, somewhere past Hondo, I reached back to get something from my Caboodle. I couldn’t find it and then it hit me; my brush was still at home. I’d left it in my mom’s bathroom when I stood on her tub to check out the back of my French braid in her vanity mirror.

I anxiously broke the news to my travel companions and they laughed at me.

“Haha! Your mom picks you up in two weeks and you have this rat’s nest on top of your head!” Julie joked.

“Yeah,” Dana added. “Because there is no way anyone will let you use their brush! That’s sick.”

I sank into that Suburban back seat and may have shed a tear, but the mother driving us was on the ball. She pulled over at a gas station in Leakey and purchased me a wooden Goodie brush – the ones that kind of hurt when you use them. I didn’t care. I was relieved that I would be able to brush my long brown locks for the next 14 days.

In the end, I survived.


What’s the worst thing you’ve ever left at home?

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