They call it “bringing the office out to camp.”

“Gena Edwards is with us this morning,” Cary said, introducing her to a room full of summer staffers.

“Wait,” piped up a young wiry-haired fella in an Aggie shirt. “Like Gena from the office?”

She looked down and nodded.

“You’re a real person?” he asked. “You answer my emails in record speed! Wow! Gena! In the flesh!”

So yes, Gena is real.

Lots of people go in and out of the Canyon year after year never stopping by the camp offices in Kerrville. Sure, you’ve seen 719 Earl Garrett typed out on a letterhead; but this old house is the true dark side of camp, the real behind the scenes. And its co-queen (along with Emily McRae) is Gena. She is the oil of the LLYC machine. Seriously, the place could not run without her. She whips email responses as fast as she receives them and makes sure every camper’s file is complete by the time they roll into the canyon.

About her job, Gena says, “As LLYC’s Assistant, my job entails a little bit of everything.  I help Emily McRae, our registrar, get campers signed up, and I make sure we have all their forms so they are ready to come out to camp.  I also help the rest of the LLYC team get their jobs done and goals met; answering phones, coordinating travel arrangements, and helping the directors in our summer staff hiring process.”

Gena has been with the foundation for a total of 5ish years (between 97-98, 99-02 and now 2013-present – she says she has now signed in blood).

And what keeps her at LLYC? “I love my job,” she says. “I get to work for this awesome organization, with all of these great people, which is such a blessing. I consider everyone here my extended family and I believe this is where God wants me during this time in my life. I also know that this is where I am needed in helping with God’s plan to share the gospel through our LLYC team.”

And God is using her. I recently had the privilege of working at the camp office and I got to witness her hard work first-hand. If you get a chance, thank her!



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