“My very sweetest memory of the trip at Jacob’s Well is the joy and energy of the kids leading us to a hilltop meeting place at the foot of a cross.  Being led to a place beauty and prayer by the very children I had come to serve made me aware that I was being given as much as I was giving,” said Stacie O’Shea.

Stacie is a twenty year-old sophomore at Texas A&M University.  Early on, she met a tight knit, loving group of students who had bonded during their summers together at LLYC.  “Their love of the Lord, and each other came through so clearly.” she said.  “Last summer I was a camp counselor at Singing Hills when I learned about mission trips to Jacob’s Well!”

“I had no idea what to expect or how to be of service,” she said.  “I worried that I could not intuitively connect with kids whose language I didn’t speak.”

“I got so much from this trip.  You feel the Lord is using you.  The health clinic really encouraged me to become a pediatric nurse.  There was a sense of hope and joy from the people being treated.  It was such a rewarding day!” Stacie said enthusiastically.