We’re excited that you’re interested in the LLYC internship! Contact Jacqueline Brustkern (jacqueline@llyc.org; 830-315-9248) or Kelsie Wessels (kelsiewessels@laitylodgefamilycamp.org; 830-315-9284) with any questions regarding the H. E. Butt Foundation Internship Program.

As a part of the LLYC Internship you will:

Create new relationships with potential summer staff candidates and maintain relationships with previous staff throughout the school year in a way that makes them feel loved, pursued, cared for, and encouraged in their faith.

Brainstorm, plan, schedule, organize, execute, and evaluate small recruiting events and large staff events in various college cities. Play a significant role in preparing for summer camp, including contributions to camp schedule, ministry curriculum, teaching opportunities, staff training, activity preparations, program ideas, etc.

Serve on central staff at either Echo Valley or Singing Hills, lead a team of summer staff, and help provide the BEST TWO WEEKS for every camper entering the Canyon.

For more information, visit the Foundation jobs page and look for the Internship positions. Internship applications are accepted after November 1 and due by November 31.

You may also be interested in an Outdoor School internship, Family Camp internship, or a Communications internship.