LLYC Alumni Retreat at Laity Lodge

We enjoyed a perfect weekend at Laity Lodge. Here are some highlights of the weekend:

  • Sally Lloyd-Jones read to us in her British accent. Sally is spending some time writing at LL. She wrote the Jesus Storybook Bible which is # 17 on Amazon’s best-seller list right now. It’s by far my favorite children’s Bible. Sally wore creamy white Converse sneakers, had her nails painted green, and told me she doesn’t own a hair brush (but her hair falls in perfect waves). Love her!
  • Cuvee Coffee was there brewing up a cup of coffee each morning and afternoon. I really should use another word for brewing. This company takes their coffee-making seriously! They even brought their own water, had timers set, and we had to wait patiently for one cup to brew. But, man, was it worth it!
  • The salads were amazing! This was a plus, as I hate making salads, but I love when someone creative makes me one. We also had some incredible beef pot pie with delicious veggies mixed in. And don’t get me started about the pie crust that melted in your mouth. We all went back for seconds on just the crust.
  • Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken. Derek Webb—remember Caedmon’s Call? Yep—this is the lone survivor of Caedmon’s. Did you know that he and Sarah are married? And they both have amazing voices. The couple performed for us at the Cody Center and later on in the new library they let others sing along with them and add their own egg shakers, drums, and guitars. It was quite the shindig!
  • I learned that the book of James is a much more complicated chapter than we thought! And, back in the day, some pastors wanted to remove it completely from the Bible! James says we must have both faith and works, and that really irritated Luther!


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Sign up today for the Food Retreat this summer if any of the above sounds like something you would be interested in!

Hope to see you at Contigo in Austin this April!

Sabra Boone
Director of Alumni Relations