Did you know there is a Laity Lodge Hymn? No, neither did I. Until recently, when I was sitting in The Great Room at the Lodge and I flipped to the back of this hymnal. This is what I found.


Here are the words, written by Howard Hovde:

  1. Oh, how will change come to our world? God’s love and justice be unfurled? Can all be done behind church walls? Forgetting work and city halls?
  2. The Church is called to preach His word. Though Bible truth His will is heard. The sacraments, His Other voice, to make the heart of God rejoice.
  3. Empowered friends of Christ then go. Fulfilled with love and truth to show God’s triune life, servant leading Christ’s great kingdom, them revealing.

Refrain: Christ the Lord calls everyone. Through laity His will is done. At work and home. In common places. All God’s people spread His graces.