You know when you haven’t eaten your favorite food in a really long time, and you kind of forget how good it is?  And then you have some and think, “Holy cow!  That is SO good!  Even better then I remembered. I wish I could have that every day!”  That’s what LLFC is like. It has the soul of all the beautiful and sacred and magical things I remember about growing up as a camper, then a staffer, in the Canyon. It has the echo of the times and people and relationships that have formed over the last fifty years. While the buildings and cabins have changed (beautifully!), the heart of servant-hood and spontaneity and silliness has not. What a gift to experience this wonderful place again, through the eyes of my children, who are only just beginning their relationship with the Canyon. I dream of the adventures they will have, the deep relationships they will form; all designed by the same One who created the very bluffs and valleys in which their wonder will unfold. And I am so thankful that, through LLFC, my own grown-up story of camp gets to continue. “I wish I could have that everyday!”

-Stacie Chilton


When I think of our time at LLFC this past weekend, I think of the word full-full of reconnecting with sweet friendships, full of remembering what it was like as a child and a staff member, full of precious moments as a family and an individual and ultimately full of the fullness of God’s love. What a special and beautiful place that we were able to reconnect with God and each other and enjoy the beauty around us in both the scenery and the people!

-Katherine Geib Bluntzer


Being at Laity Lodge Family Camp reminds our family of God’s presence through the natural beauty of the spectacular canyon that cradles the Frio River, the devotional time that we have away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the fellowship that occurs naturally in such a setting.

-Melissa Caughlin Marks