We are currently in Jam Session, which is the final week of summer camp out at LLYC. Tears will be shed come Friday night, by campers and staff, but what used to be a long year sprinkled with a few letters, a long distance phone call or two, and that ever-longed-for camp brochure is now made seamless through technology. You can drive away from camp, friend or follow everyone in your cabin and communicate daily until you are reunited again with a sweaty hug in The Canyon the following summer. LLYC’s blog The Beat will keep you abreast of any camp news during the year and keep you itching to come back the following summer. At any moment, you can scroll through your friend’s Instagram and Facebook camp photos for a fix until summer comes again. But is this a good thing or a bad thing?


Until this digital age, we’ve relied on nostalgia to bring us back. The “specialness” of camp and the people who gather there keep us longing for more. Is that removed with social media? The question is: Are iPhones and technology enhancing the camp experience or ruining it? We’d love to hear from you!

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