Last weekend, our big brothers and sisters in this alumni game gathered together in Elgin for a second round-up. Last year produced a huge turn out with Shake Russell as the musical guest. While this year was a smaller group, it was equally as special.


Brian Glenn said:

“Such a great day even though it was a small crowd. Quality not quantity as some may say…..relationships…it keeps coming up everywhere. Whether it be in the Howard Butt legacy movie Eric Buescher showed us, what Frog hammered into our heads, and what I hear at church today. God made us to be “in relationship.” He wants nothing more than for us to be in relationship with Him and each other. Howard Butt JR. spoke at my parent’s commencement in high school in Corpus Christi Texas at Ray High School in 1959 and or 60. He has been with me and thousands of others in a sense until this day, and onward. His legacy is like no other.”

It was a great day with a great group!


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