How many summers did you spend in the Canyon?

I spent 13 years attending LLYC as a camper and on staff. My first summer was in 1985; I went to Singing Hills and loved it. I can remember crying when I got picked up! I continued going as a camper 4th session every year, Cabin I being my very favorite. I was on Singing Hills Work Crew summer of 1994, then a counselor at SH for 3 years. I spent my last summer as a Work Crew Boss at Singing Hills with Jill (Richardson) Tabor. It was awesome!

What are you up to these days?

I am a wife to my wonderful husband, Jimmy, and I am a mom to George-10, Charlie-6 and Jane-4. George will be attending LLYC this summer for his third year  during 3rd session. These 2 jobs keep me very busy, but in my free-time I enjoy cooking, being with family and friends and doing anything outdoors or active. We are blessed to have a wonderful church that is connected with our school and we enjoy the friends and fellowship there.


Do you have a favorite camp memory?

Picking just one would be impossible! As a camper, some of my favorites were hearing Frog talk at Roundup, dressing up as nerds, the gravy train slide, shaving on the porch, watching the stars, first time ever rappelling, spit pit, bush patrol, food fights, blaring music while washing dishes, watching the lightning on a rainy night, stirring red Kool aid with my arm (I am sure they don’t do that anymore), meaningful conversations about God and life with counselors and friends.

A BIG standout would be when I was in cabin I and the cabin 4 boys tied our doors shut at night and proceeded to dump huge trash bags full of daddy long legs into our cabin while we were all screaming and jumping onto the top bunks to get away from them.

Most recently my favorite memories are watching my husband and children fall in love with the canyon as much as me at LLFC. Experiencing roundup and singing and skits and laughter with them, reconnecting with old friends and meeting their families. This time away from our daily routine and all of the distractions we have now has allowed us to connect more to God and nature and bring that back to our daily lives.


What do you miss about your summers at camp?

I miss the smell of the Frio River, the stars, playing outside all day and NAPS! I miss laughing, crying, singing and talking with all of my friends there. I miss swimming at Blue Hole, hiking, playing volleyball and just getting to spend time in such a beautiful place with great friends while growing spiritually. It’s so much fun to see my son come home from camp now with some of these same memories that we can now share together.


How does LLYC still impact your life today?

LLYC has had a huge impact on who I am today. I learned little things like how to tie a knot and how to do a tremendous amount of dishes (happily). I learned about God’s grace and love at camp and that has carried me through so many difficult times. I learned how to have quiet time with God and pray consistently about decisions that need to be made, big and small. I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend so many summers in the Canyon and I’m so grateful now to be able to bring my family there and experience what is a little slice of heaven on the Frio River.

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