What are you up to these days?

I lived in NYC for a couple years and just returned back to Austin a couple months ago in order to work more full-time with my band, Balmorhea. We’ve done a lot of work for films and ads in the recent years in addition to working diligently on a new record which will come out this fall. Otherwise, I do freelance photo work and run a blog of recent musings and inspiration.

Tell us about the genesis of your band and what role did/does camp play in that.

I started the band with my friend Rob Lowe in 2006 when we both moved to Austin around the same time. I am a little older than Rob, but we were friends and had met at Echo Valley in the summer of 2001. A great bulk of my current friends all tie back to LLYC. There is a completely unexplainable bond that happened.

What do you miss most about the summers at camp?

I try to find a way to get back there at least once or twice a year to somehow subtly regain certain sensations and unfold dear memories of summers gone by. Some of my favorite memories, feelings, and even smells come from my time there. I hold all of that in very high regard in my humanity here on earth. There is something very lovely and at the same time very hard to describe about being outside all day, caked in caliche and cedar, swimming through algae blooms before a cold shower and followed by a great dinner at the Ranch House before a wild Round Up. The way the air, water, and land entwine together and affect your senses totally amplifies the non-physical aspect of being out there and being somewhat pruned away from the pulse of normal society back home.

How does camp still impact your life today?

I actually got to go out to a retreat a couple of months ago to take some photos. It was surreal being there and not staying in Echo Valley (and not during the summer time). Seeing that side of the whole operation really gave me a good perspective on the wonderful work being done and the striving for excellence that the entire staff aims for. I hope to return more often as time goes by.

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