I never ended up under the tutelage of Emily Van Hoozer (now Bush). When I was on Work Crew at Singing Hills, she was a Crew boss at Echo Valley. I’d seen her and I knew who she was, but it wasn’t until this summer at LLFC that I was able to see her as a real person and not strictly an authority figure in my life. I was interested in what makes this lady tick. Because when you are a Work Crew boss for two summers in a row, it’s got to be something worth taking note of! So, here’s what’s going on with Mrs. Bush these days.

What are you up to these days?

I am married and have 2 kids, Caleb & Leah (ages 10 & 4). We live in San Angelo, where my husband is the Area Director for Young Life. I work part-time for YL as well.


What do you miss most about summers in the Canyon?

I miss being able to see people’s lives changed through camp and the things they learn there. I loved serving behind the scenes in the kitchen and getting to watch kids & counselors grow closer to one another and change as they heard what God can really do in their life.


How does camp still impact your life today?

Camp taught me how to love on people better and how to serve people, which is something I think you can use no matter where you are or what you’re doing in life.

What has it been like to return to the Canyon with your husband and children?

I love being able to share the place that I love so much and learned so much from with my family. Our son is on his 3rd summer of attending LLYC and he loves it! I enjoy being able to share the experience with him and tell him my stories from when I went there. We also went to Laity Lodge Family Camp this summer and it was amazing for all of us. I got to be a camper again, and that was so much fun! But it was even better for my husband and me to see our kids be campers, too!

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