I first met Paul Soupiset at Laity Lodge. I took one of his writing workshops and learned how to do “Blackout Poetry.” During that afternoon session in the Spring of 2011, he pulled out a few of his Lenten sketchbooks. They were unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This man has talent!

I caught up with this well-loved LLYC Alum and he gave me the scoop on his new short film.

I remember Kyle Isenhower and I sitting at the dining hall at Laity Lodge, talking about this idea he had to film my sketching, and turn it into a small film. The sketchbooks have been this more or less constant project for about 8 years now; some seasons I’ll draw heavily, and other seasons I don’t. The sketches inform my other art and poetry, but I want them to stand alone as small pieces of art in and of themselves. It’s where I slow down to ask questions, pray, reflect, and confess.

What excites you most about this process?

The process of keeping a visual journal still excites me; it’s a portable artform, and all my supplies fit in my backpack. I can bring it to work, to retreats, and to my favorite hangouts
Watch film here!
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