circleA group of folks gathered out in Elgin last weekend. They each have their own camp experiences and memories, but it is Laity Lodge Youth Camp that brought them together. Here is what a few folks had to say about the weekend:

Lee Maverick: LLYC friends, cool shade on a warm day, and Shake Russell singing “Deep In The West” – my sense of well-being is at its height. The day felt like being kin, like comfort from people that know you, like where we were was not on any map. I have not gone to many, or any, reunions. I think, to quote Flannery, I “didn’t have any use for history because [I] never expected to meet it again.” So thanks to Brian, Lynn and Eric for a great day!

Bear Claw: You’ve come far pilgrim.
Jeremiah Johnson: Feels like far.
Bear Claw: Were it worth the trouble?
Jeremiah Johnson: … Huh? What trouble?

James Flowers: It’s hard for me to express how important our time together was. It was most meaningful, and a memory I will cherish always. Thanks especially to Eric, Yak, and Brian for putting it together. Blessings all!

Bill Pearson: I feel so Blessed to see friends from the past and future. I want to thank everyone so much for a great outing Brian it was my pleasure to meet you and Lynn and Eric you were truly wonderful with a great place to live. My wife Teresa says thank you as well and the music was fantastic ! I look forward to seeing everyone again!

Ann Eason: BEST DAY EVER… Almost like being at Camp.. (except for the River and Daddy long legs.. It was SO good to see you all and meet some new friends too… When can we do it again!!

Edie Prassel Grimes: 1978 was my 1st year at camp, 3rd session, and I kept coming back year after year to be in that loving place with Christian friends, and be blessed by the Lord through Frog and the Butt family. I am so grateful for camp. (On Holly Williams posting camp memories)


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