Since LLYC Camper registration starts NEXT WEEK, I thought we would take a minute to reflect on the evolution of this crazy process.

Back in my day, everyone registered for camp the same way: you filled out an application by hand and either mailed it to the camp office or had someone drive it in. My fellow Corpus Christians would elect one mother to drive all of the applications up to the Kerrville office. Gena Edwards, who was the Youth Camp Assistant back in the 90’s, remembers this well.

“When I would arrive at work at 8am,” Gena said, “moms would already be lined up, waiting at the door with their children’s registration forms in hand. They would drive in from Houston, Austin and Corpus. It was pretty neat how the minute they got those forms in the mail, they’d rush them here that day.”

LLYC is and has always been first come, first served. When I asked Gena – who left the Foundation for a while, but returned last January – what the registration process looks like today, she said, “It’s still a frenzy when we open up registration online. People are sitting there at their computers waiting for noon, so they can register.”

Technology has changed the way demand for a slot at camp looks, but the desire to get out to that blessed Canyon for two weeks still remains.

Click here for more details on registration dates:

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