We’re glad you are interested in sending a camper to LLYC! 

Registration for summer 2019 is right around the corner, and we wanted to tell you about our updated registration system, how you can prepare for registration, and when your family will register. LLYC opens registration at different times based on your camper’s years of attendance at LLYC. Read on for more details!


Updated Registration System

Since we have updated our registration system, the process will look different this year. We've made two quick preview videos to show you what it is like to register one camper or multiple campers. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see these.

Campers will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis, and you’ll know which sessions have openings and which sessions have a waitlist. It is important to note that registration opens at 12 noon, CST, on your designated registration day.  Once you start registering a camper for a session, you’ll have twenty minutes to complete the process. We recommend registering from a computer rather than a phone.


How Can You Prepare for Registration?

  1. Confirm camper details are up to date in your account (i.e. date of birth and current grade).
  2. Add any additional family members who will be registering for the coming season.
  3. Confirm contact information is up to date (i.e. mailing address, email address, phone numbers).
  4. Mark your calendar, so you will remember to register during your family's tier.


How Do We Know Our Family's Tier?

Your family tier is based on your camper's years of attendance at LLYC. Unless you are a new camper family, you should have received an email from us on October 22 with information about your family's tier.

  • Tier 1 Registration: Wednesday, November 7 at 12 noon, CST
    • Campers returning for their 6th summer or more (and siblings)
  • Tier 2 Registration: Thursday, November 8 at 12 noon, CST
    • Campers returning for their 4th or 5th summers (and siblings)
    • Campers wait-listed in 2018 who never received a spot in camp
  • Tier 3 Registration: Monday, November 12 at 12 noon, CST
    • Campers returning for their 2nd or 3rd summer
    • Legacy Campers*
  • Tier 4 Registration: Thursday, November 15 at 12 noon, CST
    • New camper families

*Legacy Campers are children of alumni. This must be verified by calling our office at 830-315-9220.


How Do You Register a Single Camper for LLYC?


How Do You Register Multiple Campers for LLYC?