Robyn and Kara Bateman are sisters who grew up as LLYC campers during the late ’80s and then came back as Singing Hills counselors during the early ’90s. We caught up with Robyn, now Dr. Robyn Driskill, who still returns to the Canyon today.

What are you up to these days?

I have my PhD in Sociology and I work at Baylor University. I am the Divisional Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences and a Professor of Sociology. I’ve been at Baylor for 15 years.

What has it been like to visit the Canyon as an adult?

I spoke at a Women’s Retreat at the Lodge a couple of years ago. My sister Kara came along and we went and explored Singing Hills and Echo Valley. We had a blast reliving our old summer days. Also, this past May I participated in a Baylor Faculty retreat at the Lodge. Each time I visit, I remember fondly my years as a camper and counselor.

What do you miss most about your summers at LLYC?

The peacefulness amidst the craziness! I miss unplugging—of course we didn’t have iPhones back then—but being without TV for so long was really refreshing. And then I can remember bawling on the bus on the way home to Houston. You would have thought you were separating us from our birth parents. Oh, I miss the friendships you made and the people you met.

Do you have a favorite LLYC memory?

For some reason, as a camper in Cabin A, cabin sneak-outs stand out to me. There was something about them that seemed so exotic and devious, yet so exciting. I loved it!

Robyn Driskill

How does LLYC still impact your life today?

Well, one interesting tidbit is that Deborah Butt Rogers was one of my counselors, and we have stayed in touch through the years. And I think camp still impacts my life because I make an effort to get out there for adult retreats when I can, which helps carry on those memories and that sense of peacefulness.

My nephews now go to LLYC as campers and hopefully my son will get to join them this summer! Many of my friends today were those I was on staff with. One of my friends, Allison McCalll Sitzes, is now sending her kids there and I pour over their Facebook pictures when they get home. It’s just so fun to see this second generation going out to camp.

Favorite Sno Cone Flavor?

Green Apple! Funny enough, if I didn’t have an 8 year old, I probably wouldn’t be eating sno cones at all. But because I do, we constantly work our way through the punch card!

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